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By bork129
I'll be in the Long Island, NY area next week visiting family, and know it has one of the best selections of sirens that do daily tests. Keeping in mind that I haven't ever heard a real siren since, oh, 1995, does anyone know of a good town to look at?
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By CTsirenhunter
Without a doubt, I would say Farmingdale and East Farmingdale. The former has an A.C.A. Screamer and the latter has a Thunderbolt 1003 in great working order. Not so sure about how often either is tested, though.
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By slant-40
re. Farmingdale - the ACA Screamer has been supplanted by a Vintage Federal Model 5, and East Farmingdale has TWO Thunderbolts - one at HQ (Conklin St) and the other at Crown Manor Sta.2 Wellwood Ave just S of the Southern State Pkwy. Oh yes, Farmingdale Village also has a (yes, smite me) superb Gamewell Diaphone!

West Babylon sounds its VERY vintage Fedelcode 7T at Noon (126 Arnold Avenue) along with two Model 5's and Babylon Village has an STH-10 with a set of Cunningham Horns alongside,.

Lindenhurst has a set of Gamewell DISC type F diaphragm horns it blows at Noon and Copiague sounds its two Thunderbolt 1003's at noon and for alarms - one's a hi-tone (D-F) and the other one's a low (F#-A)

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