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By loman
Hello all ! I recently purchased what I believe is a Sterling M10. (or M5?)
It has 16 ports on each end. I have heard this siren many times as it was on the Fire and Police station up the street here, but it has not been operated for about 2 years since they moved into new facilities. It was quite a chore getting this old heavy thing down from an enclosed 45' tower that was attached to the building! It had been there since the 1960's and I was told it was an old used unit when it was put up then. The motor looks as if something in the 1940's or earlier.
I know very little about these, but am learning. The name tag on the motor is hard to read, but it does show that it is 110/220volt and I believe it says 3000 which I think is the RPM. I do know it was operated on 220v at the old station.
Like I said, it does work, and the end caps are in great shape with the screens, but it does not have the motor shield and guards that wrap around the cages on the top.
I guess my question is, does anyone have any info on these Sterlings like an old manual or sales data, and maybe a clue where I could possibly come across the guards for it?
Thanks !
I have pics of it, but have not figured out how to post them on here yet!
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By Trevor
Upload your photos to a photo sharing site, and copy and paste the image's URL here, using the example below:

[img]image url goes here[/*img] (no stars)

Easier yet, copy and paste the URL here, highlight it, and click the "Img" button above the post that you are typing.
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By Allertor113
A fairly good site I use for posting pictures it Tinypic.com. Free and easy!
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By Trevor
I meant the direct link to the image, but all is good ;)
By loman
I recieved today an email from Sentry Siren Inc., (who purchased Sterling) and they told me that they did not get any serial number references when they bought Sterling and they cannot help with trying to date the unit I have.
They did send me a few catalog page copies that I have included in the same photobucket site that I listed above if you would like to see what they sent me.
I am sure most all of you are quite familiar with all this, but it is new to me.
Like I said, if anyone has knowledge of the sheet metal on these, the motor cover and the 2 shrouds, that they may like to part with, please let me know.
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By Siren_Dude
Nice to see someone with another Sterling. I have two M5's 16/16 port and they are from somewhere in the 1920's age. Your siren looks to be roughly the same age, 20's to 40's. As for the sheet metal, I would try to get someone to make new ones or contact West Shore Services, they might have some housings laying around.
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By Ziginox
The "Time Clock Switch" looks suspiciously like Federal's clocks, look at the shape of the front door and the position/shape of the model label. The face of the clock is marked differently, like the one here. It makes me wonder if Sterling and Federal ever worked together...
By loman
Thanks Siren_Dude!
I will see if I can find "West Shore Services" to see if they may have them.
I can get them made based on photos as to how they look, at a sheetmetal shop that I know of in K.C., but would rather have some original ones if I can find them. If not, I'll get them made!
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