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This section is for discussing any type of warning device that is not specifically an outdoor warning siren.
Such as factory alarms, whistles, fire horns, fire engine sirens, fog horns, etc..
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By Daniel
Does anyone know what type of sirens are used in some hockey arenas? Many arenas have gone over to air horns or resonator horns, but some still use a siren to mark the end of the period.

NB: Our local Portland Winterhawks play at the Rose Garden Arena, which broadcasts the recorded sound of a Model 2 when they score a goal.
By q2bman
Our's was a 3 chime train horn! You got a whimpy little buzzer if you were the home team. But man, what a rush hearing that train horn echo through the seats!
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By slant-40
Nassau Coliseum (NY) doesn't use a siren when the Islanders score a goal. It is some kind of a diaphragm horn.

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By AllSafe
If they are sirens, they are most likely going to be a Federal SelecTone in the 300 series.

Oh, and btw they are $791 from Grainger, but they won't function at all without a $104 tone module.
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By Daniel
The sirens I've heard were mainly in Canadian rinks and were definitely motor-driven. A Model 1, perhaps?
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By Rheems1
If they are motor driven sirens.. most likely it is a Model A/D/L...that is what they use at TD Banknorth Garden (home of the best hockey team in the history of the world.... go Bruins!!) and at the former Hershey Arena (home of the Hershey Bears).

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By AllSafe
The one used in the Mighty Ducks movies was a 300-series SelecTone.
By electrosiren
The Montreal Canadiens' siren is an Edwards model 315. They use the siren at the beginning and end of the periods. They sound a horn when their team scores. I noticed that many other teams, especially expansion teams do the opposite. They sound a horn for the periods and sound a siren when their team scores. I don't get why they do it that way. The original six teams all had a siren to start and end the game and only had a light when someone scored.
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