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As y'all know, I am continuing education here at Texas Tech University in Lubbock, TX. Almost all communities, regardless of size, have storm sirens out here. Most have multiple units of different makes and models. This usually means each town has an interesting inter-brand mix. Many communities test weekly or daily.

It is my plan to try and get pictures and info on as many sirens as possible around the panhandle area. This "project" will be a joint venture thread between Trey, myself, and possibly KDKsiren, of Amarillo. Expect frequent updates. I am not quite sure how long this thread will be, but if it gets to be as long as the Hamilton Co thread, at least we will have pictures on every page/something to look at or hear. :]

There will be a general format for posts, as you will see with this first post. Info included will be city/county, sirens/models, and locations. If possible, we will always try to include a screenshot of a map of the units

Enjoy, and comment or make suggestions as necessary.

Additionally, expect to see the other communities I have already documented merged into this thread soon.


Shallowater, TX [Lubbock County]
Number of Sirens: 5 [known]
Types: S3V8, FS2001, FSSTH10
Testing Schedule: Weekly, Mon/630PM
Authority: Shallowater FD

Notes: This system is the perfect example of a West Texas town system. They have 5 sirens, and in reality could get away with just the one 2001. This is overkill to the max, and I love it. This is typical no-method placement. You can easily see the STH-10, 3V8 and 2001 at the same time from any of those 3 units. Interestingly, the only sirens with controls at the unit are the water tower 3V8 and 2001.

System Map:

Siren 1 [Sentry 3V8]
12th & Avenue G [Baseball Park]
Image Image

Siren 2 [Federal STH-10]
8th & Avenue G [City Hall/VFD]

Siren 3 [Federal 2001]
7th & Texas Avenue [Water Tower/Maint. Yard]
Image Image

Siren 4 [Sentry 3V8]
Avenue N & 10th [Football Stadium]
Image Image

Siren 5 [Sentry 3V8]
CR-1540 & 7th [Water Tower]
Image Image
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By Thunderboltlover
Great pictures so far!

Sounds like a plan.
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By kdksiren
We are looking forward to seeing it and helping too.
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By Travis
KDK and his dad were nice enough to send me this link to all the sirens that they have personally found in the Greater Amarillo Area, as well as a few outlying towns like Dumas, and Hereford.

http://www.bing.com/maps/?v=2&cp=35.336 ... 97A4A1!112

They have found 106 thus far!
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By Travis
Dylan: I am not yet sure if we will be doing an interstate cooperative map, but I don't think I'd be too opposed to the idea.

Today I went down to the City of Ransom Canyon, TX to do a system shoot.

Ransom Canyon, TX [Lubbock County]
Number of Sirens: 2 [known]
Types: FDSA, FS2001
Testing Schedule: Monthly, 1st Wed/100PM
Authority: City of Ransom Canyon/RCVFD

Notes: This system is one of the few "new" siren systems around the Lubbock area. It has been here for a few years, and consists of 2 sirens. They have a 2001 down in the canyon, and a DSA which warns the northern rim. Note that the 2001 has a light fixture, as well as a red strobe light. I am not sure what the strobe is used for.

System Map:

North Rim Siren [Federal Signal DSA]
Ransom Canyon City Hall (stock photo)

Canyon Siren (2) [Federal Signal 2001:DC]
Brookhollow & Lakeshore Drive
Image Image Image Image
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By Thunderboltlover
Good pictures!

The strobe light on the 2001 probably comes on if AC power fails.
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By Travis
Thunderboltlover wrote:Good pictures!

The strobe light on the 2001 probably comes on if AC power fails.
My guess is for flooding, seeing as it is on a lake, but it could be for power or battery failures too. The DSA does not have a strobe.
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By Travis
Wolfforth, TX [Lubbock County]
Number of Sirens: 3 [known]
Types AP15, UK3HP
Testing Schedule: Unknown
Authority: Unknown

Notes: Wolfforth is basically an appendage that hangs off Lubbock to the Southwest. Thanks to some direction from Trey, and a little help from google maps, I was able to easily locate their 3 sirens. I am assuming the 3HP siren on the water tower is used for fire calls. It appeared to be hooked up to power, with a line running from the VFD across the street. These three sirens cover the town nicely. As usual, they could probably get away with a lone Penetrator in the center of town.

System Map:

Siren 1 [Unknown 3HP (looks like)]
4th St. & 98th/5th St. @ Water Tower
Image Image

Siren 2 [ACA Penetrator-10HP]
FM 193 & Water Tank/City Lot
Image Image

Siren 3 [ACA Penetrator-10HP]
Flint Ave. & US HWY82/62 @ Water Tower
Image Image Image
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By kdksiren
We had seen the P-10 by the water tower when we were there for a football game a couple of years ago. Wasn't sure if it was a P-10 or P-15.

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