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By SirenMadness
Yeah, those are some sweet recordings. Those are probably my favorite bunch of recordings.
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By Trey
And some fakes. :P
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By Rheems1
Fed T-bolt 1000 wrote:And some fakes. :P

Some fakes you say?? Please enlighten me to which recordings are fakes.... on the old board Rob got trashed for having fakes... I issued a challenge for someone to come forward with a fake recording... nothing.. no one came forward. Sooo, maybe you should get your story straight before you comment on things.
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By SirenMadness
No, Rob did not get trashed for fake recordings, which were real, but for cheating at the Siren Contest of 2004- he wanted everyone to vote for him, through private messaging.
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By Rheems1
Well, he got trashed for that as well.... but there were recordings that people claimed he stole and crap like that. Someone used the Pottsville siren clip, said that he had on his site as something else. I looked the day that was posted, there is no where on there that he has that recording.. labeled correctly or wrong. They claim his pictures are photoshop edits, well that I have looked into as well. I will tell you that the only one I haven't be able to confirm is the dual Model 5's at Eastport, other than that.. his pics are real as can be.
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By SirenMadness
I listened to some recordings today, and listening to the acoustics, they are not fake.
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By Nelso90
Listening to the one with all of Farmingdale's audibles, you can tell it's a fake. The sound is so tinny! It can't be real!
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By Truckie6119
The recording of all of Farmingdales FD sirens and Diaphone are real. We use them everyday. I mantain the hole system. :D
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By quiksmith10
My mistake there, I got East Farmingdale mixed up with Farmingdale. They are two seperate towns in two seperate counties, go figure. However, I do believe that that recording is a hoax. There is no way that all of those sirens are that clear when all sounding together. The recording is definitely a compilation of all the recordings. Also, I seem to remember there being a video of one of their noon tests. I don't recall hearing all the sirens. I only heard the diaphone and the screamer. With that said, the diaphone only went off after the screamer wound down. Plus, the chance for all of these sirens to end abruptly at the same time hardly has a chance. There is no way they can all start and end at the same time. The timing of cycles of the different sirens is different in itself.
By AlarmRepair
QuickSmith you are wrong. Farmingdale's district is 1 square mile big with 1 station. You can hear all the sirens and the diaphone at the same time from any point in town unless you are right under 1 of them. All of the pictures on the LIFA site are real. I have seen most of them up close. I have worked on many of the systems.
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By Blasty
On the contrary, not all of the pictures are real. There is one I'm aware of that is a picture of two identical sirens placed next to each other, mounted on a platform between two poles. It was clearly a copy-and-paste job in photoshop, and a close inspection of the pixels on each siren confirmed this.

While manipulating photos is fun and interesting, LIFA makes no attempt to inform the viewer of altered material, instead just throwing it in the mix as if it were authentic. I haven't combed the whole site for frauds, but I would not be surprised if more showed up.

The owner has already showed us at least one fraudulent photo, one blatantly stolen recording, and had submitted a doctored sound clip (cheating) to the siren recording contest in 2004. This guy's credibility has deteriorated significantly in my eyes.
By AlarmRepair
Does anyone really care? If you guys are so fanatically worried about what pictures and recordings might or might not be real then I would suggest acquiring another hobby or something. Don't knock yourselves out over this....
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